A-Gas brings solutions to a variety of end user markets.
Here are just some of the markets and applications we serve:

  • Automotive


    Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) and Transport Refrigeration

    There is widespread use of Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) in cars and light vans. The refrigerants most commonly used in these systems are R134a and Solstice® R1234yf.

    For further details and a full list of refrigerants we offer please visit our Products page.

  • Aviation


    Halon Management

    Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion. Halon is an effective fire suppressant for flammable liquids & electrical fires. However due to its ozone depletion potential under the Montreal Protocol, Halon is now banned except for ‘uses considered essential’ such as aircraft for the protection of crew compartments, engine nacelles, cargo bays and dry bays.

    For further details and a full list of Halons we offer please visit our Products page

  • Building Services

    Building Services

    Insulation Agents

    A-Gas is a supplier of blowing agents used in the manufacture of high quality insulation foams for the construction industry. The use of these foams helps both builders and specifiers meet the increasingly stringent energy efficiency and safety standards demanded by contractors, planning authorities and insurers.

    For further details and a full list of Blowing Agents we offer please visit our Products page.

    Refrigerant Recovery & Reclamation

    Recovery is the removal or extraction of refrigerant from an appliance accomplished through a recovery unit. The recovered refrigerant is then transferred to an external storage vessel or container. A-Gas has a fleet of dedicated recovery cylinders with specialist valve technology, this allows engineers to retrieve waste refrigerants in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Recovered refrigerants are transferred to our sites under document control with the necessary international and regional legislation being followed. Once on our site the refrigerant is reclaimed.

    Reclamation is the process of taking recovered refrigerant and processing (cleaning) it through a quality controlled procedure to meet or exceed AHRI 700 purity specifications, the same purity standard used for new refrigerant.

    For further information please visit our Recovery, Reclamation and Disposal page.

    Air Conditioning

    Refrigerants are used for air conditioning in buildings and other occupied spaces to provide cooling to a comfortable ambient temperature.

    For further details and a full list of refrigerants we offer please visit our Products page.

    Water Treatment

    We offer a chemical-free water treatment system that’s perfect for the medical industry, generating Ozone ‘in water, from water’ which means no chemicals need to be handled or stored.

    • Ozone is a powerful and fast-acting oxidant and disinfectant, treating water much more quickly than chlorine and other traditional methods
    • Ozonated water has an improved colour, taste and odour over chlorinated water
    • Ozone treats a wide variety of waterborne contaminates and ensures the safety of anyone coming into contact with the water
    • Concentrations as low as 25ppb are sufficient to maintain a disinfected water system

    Please visit A-Zone Technologies for more information.

  • Domestic, Office & Leisure

    Domestic, Office & Leisure

    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) Systems

    RAC systems are used in various sectors, including:

    • Refrigeration – keeping products and spaces below the ambient temperature
    • Air conditioning – cooling buildings and other occupied spaces to a comfortable ambient temperature
    • Heat pumps – collecting waste heat at a low temperature
  • Electronics


    Speciality chemicals for the electronics industry are available through A-Gas Electronic Materials.

    A-Gas Electronic Materials supplies specialist chemicals and processes to microelectronics, printed circuit board, and packaging and finishing technologies.

    A-Gas Electronic Materials also supports the supply of specialist photosensitive chemicals, plating solutions and processes to customers who use imaging and plating technologies for a variety of applications.

    Please visit A-Gas Electronic Materials for more information.

  • Food Processing, Retail & Cold Rooms

    Food Processing, Retail & Cold Rooms

    A-Gas offers a wide range of refrigerants, service gases and reclaim solutions to serve this industry. For more details with regards to the range of refrigerants and services we offer, please visit our Products and Services pages.

  • Industrial


    Process Cooling

    A-Gas offers a full range of refrigerants to the Process Cooling Industry. Alongside our complete range of products we offer technical advice to assist with refrigerant retrofits or advice on complying with local legislation.

    Water Treatment

    Through A-Zone Technologies A-Gas offers the industrial sector a chemical free water treatment Solution. Our technology is ACoP L8 compliant and sterilises water for process applications. The system enables continuous monitoring with the ability to audit data online. Suitable for:

    • Process water for industrial applications and food processing
    • Ultrapure and deionised water systems used in pharmaceutical and electronic industries
    • Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems in process industries
    • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers
    • Workplace and production machinery ozone-water (OW) fogging systems

    For further details please visit A-Zone Technologies.

    Fire Protection

    A-Gas provides a range of fire protection, cleaning agents & Halons for industrial use.

    For further details and a list of products we supply please visit our Fire Protection and Halon Product page.

  • Manufacturing


    A-Gas supplies industrial gases, performance chemicals and halon used within the manufacturing process:

    • Industrial gases for Brazing and Welding materials
    • Blowing agents for the manufacture of foam insulation
    • Halon used within aircraft manufacture
    • Refrigerants used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs}
  • Shipping and transportation