F-Gas Quota

The F-Gas regulation EU517/2014 created a system of quotas to regulate the amount of HFC refrigerants placed on the market in the EU. The quotas were divided into two types of quota:

  1. Incumbents or companies that reported manufacture or imports during the reference years
  2. New Entrant Reserve for companies wishing to become manufacturers or importers

These two types of quota have different characteristics; incumbents may transfer or trade their quota freely but New Entrants must physically trade the HFC refrigerants. This creates a number of challenges for companies wishing to optimise their entitlements.

  • Do you have unused incumbent quota you wish to sell?
  • Do you have excess unused incumbent quota that could be pooled to increase it’s use?
  • Do you have new entrant quota that is not economically viable to import?
  • Have you considered working with A-Gas, one of the EU refrigerant market leaders to maximise the value of your quota?

A-Gas has many years’ experience in the importation and distribution of HFCs. Through the A-Gas Shanghai office and laboratory, we can also provide procurement and pre-shipment testing services.

Talk to us now about the ways we can work with you to make your F-Gas quota work for you.