On-Site Recovery Services

Require a high capacity recovery solution for use on-site? Read below for further information.


PERSY is a Portable Environmental Recovery System that has been built in-house at A-Gas to provide a convenient, easy to use, high capacity recovery solution for use onsite. PERSY has the following capabilities:

  • 1500 kg/hour* liquid recovery rate (push pull)
  • 140 kg/hour* vapour recovery rate
  • 100 m3/hour integral vacuum pump, enabling full evacuation of system prior to recharge

*Flow rates quoted are typical figures. Actual transfer rates vary depending on product, connection port size, hose length required and other variables.

 PERSY has several features and benefits compared to the standard recovery process such as:

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled
  • Own dedicated power supply via generator
  • 500kg integrated receiver
  • Accompanied by an A-Gas operator to assist on site
  • Reduce labour cost as engineers will spend less time on site
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing downtime for the end user compared to alternative recovery methods

If you have a large amount of refrigerant to recover, have a restricted time frame or need a fast and efficient recovery solution then contact A-Gas today to hire P.E.R.SY.

P.E.R.SY flyer