Best Practice Guidance

Our Best Practice Guidance documents have been taken from a range of sources, including the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA). Please also visit the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) for a wide range of refrigerant guidence. To download a publication please click the link below.

British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) Guidance Notes

This Guidance Note aims to provide guidance and an overview of the UK gases industry’s current practices to prevent and detect internal corrosion of gas cylinders.

BCGA Guidence Note: Avoidance and Detection of Internal Corrosion of Gas Cylinders

This document is a catalogue of marks stamped by members of BCGA on gas containers (cylinders and drum tanks) after re-test.

BCGA Guidance Note: Catalogue Of Gas Container Marks Used By BCGA Members And Their Inspection Bodies

This document defines the principles of safe practice for the storage of gas cylinders and bundles. It promotes the use of an external store, in a secure location, with good natural ventilation and away from any sources of ignition.

BCGA Code of Practice 44: The Storage of Gas Cylinders 2016


This Guidance Note provides a short summary of the duties of employers and employees under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, SI 1992 No. 2793, (1) as amended by the Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002, SI 2002 No. 2174 (2) with regard to the handling of gas cylinders by users.

BCGA Guidence Note: Safe Cylinder Handling and the Application of Manual Handling Operations Regulations to Gas Cylinders

This Guidance Note has been prepared by the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) to provide guidance on the safe use of individual cylinder gas supplies, the gas being controlled by a single cylinder mounted regulator.

BCGA Guidence Note: The Safe Use of Individual Portable Or Mobile Cylinder Gas Supply Equipment

Further guidance notes are available from the British Compressed Gasses Association (BCGA) website.



BCGA Guidance Notes

BRUFMA - Knowledge in Insulation

Best practice guidence for design and installation of partial fill cavity wall boards. For more information visit BRUFMA.