How You Can Join Us

There are many different career paths to take with us at A-Gas. If you like the idea of joining our team and want to be a part of our exciting future, follow the 3 simple steps below.

3 Steps to Apply

Step 1: Find your next role

Consider your experience and what you know you are good at when searching for an opportunity with us. It’s a good idea to prioritise positions that match your skills and interests. Don’t forget to look for aspects in a role that you feel especially passionate about – remember to play to your strengths. We are looking for people who share our goals. If you enjoy working in a progressive environment, have a flexible ‘can do’ attitude and possess the skills and experience we have asked for, you could be the perfect fit.

Step 2: Read the job description

The requirements and criteria included within our job adverts are your guide to help understand how your background and skills might fit with the role we are offering. We ask for CV’s for all positions so it’s important when applying for a job with us that you clearly highlight within your CV the skills, experience and accomplishments which most closely match the role requirements. This will help your CV stand out and make an impact when we are shortlisting candidates. We are looking for concrete examples of your achievements and capabilities and a feel for what you could bring to the role if successful.

Step 3: Submit your application

Once you’ve read the job advert and have decided that you wish to apply, please send your CV along with a covering note to where our team will pick up your application. You will always hear from us if you have been unsuccessful. If you are being considered for the role, we will invite you to attend an initial interview – this may be over the phone, or in person, and will aim to assess your skills and suitability for the position you have applied for. Further interview stages will follow to help more thoroughly measure your technical ability and cultural fit. Our recruitment process is designed to get the best from each candidate and to provide you with all the information you need to help decide if this is the place for you. We welcome any feedback to help ensure the experience is a positive one, regardless of the outcome.

If there are no suitable vacancies at the time of looking, please do forward your CV to We will keep your details on file in case other more suitable opportunities arise in the future. We encourage anyone who is interested in working with us to keep a close eye on our careers page as this is the first place to hear about any new roles.

Our Vacancies

Working for A-Gas will give you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, creative and fast-paced team.  We are industry leaders and always searching for new talent to join our exceptional team who can help us continue to push the business forward. Our roles are all challenging and busy, yet exciting at the same time – on offer in return is a fantastic work, life and fun balance, a rewarding working environment plus the chance to make a real contribution to the future success of our business.